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Radon is a colorless, odorless highly radioactive gas produced as a byproduct of Uranium decomposition. It is naturally present in the atmosphere as well as in the soils in a harmless concentration. However it times this concentration is hampered and it increases. In the air this increase maybe due to poor ventilation systems that the air gets trapped inside closed spaces. When this radon poisoning in the air even exceeds even further this radon comes in contact with the water bodies and dissolves in the water causing radon poisoning as a result. Keeping this is mind it is pretty obvious that the states and areas that are surrounded by water bodies are more prone to radon poisoning.

Waukesha is one of such cities situated in the state of Wisconsin, United States. It is located at the intersection of three rivers namely the Menomonee, the Kinnickinnic and the Waukesha rivers. Before proceeding onward to the procedure of Radon Mitigation Waukesha, it is essential to play out a few tests to affirm the nearness of radon and its high fixation in the water bodies.

High centralizations of radon:

At the point when this water containing high centralizations of radon is utilized for drinking purposes it enters into the lungs. When it has entered into the lungs it begins collecting there leading towards inevitable rotting and decay. As it rots it discharges smaller particles of radon called the daughter components of radon which are also radioactive in nature. They discharge blasts of vitality which harm the lung tissue and expand the odds of giving birth to lung tumors which lay the foundations of lung cancer. This not only causes lung cancer but as this radon poisoned water is utilized for drinking purposes it makes the other organs prone to developing cancer as well.

Since radon has discrete properties therefore it is nearly impossible to detect its presence without performing any conformity tests. Once the test results come back positive indicating the presence of high levels of radon then radon mitigation Waukeshais performed. Radon mitigationis used to decrease the concentration of radon in the water reservoirs. The issue with water mitigation is that it cannot be performed in advance as it can be done with air mitigation. Mitigation devices are installed near the water dispensing sources and they remove radon and its daughter components as the water is being used.

There are two types of water radon mitigation Waukesha devices. The first type is the aeration device and the second type is the granular activated carbon device. The aeration device uses high pressurized air aimed to remove the radon particles from the water body. The pressure is neutralized after the process is completed. On the other hand the GAC device also known as the granular activated carbon device uses a strip of activated carbon carrying some charge to filter out the poisonous radon particles. The advantage of using the aeration device is that it does not require any maintenance however the GAC device needs to have its filter changed after a few months or so depending upon the severity of the problem to remove the accumulated radon particles and prevent their re entrance into the water stream.