Top 10 Must-Watch Hollywood Movies Of All Time

Watching movies is always fun, and it has become an integral part of many people’s lives. The movies lovers always try to find time to watch new movies every weekend. Every time you watch a film you take something along such as some information, a lesson or just a good mood. Well, the movies are an essential element of entertainment. It is said that the cinema is a mirror to life as it depicts the real life on the screen the way it is. People relate their experiences to the film characters and take interest the events happening in the film.

A good film is an expedition in which the viewers get attached to the film characters. The director does everything best, to make a film extraordinary. Scriptwriter writes the story, but the director craves incredible out of the script and creates a masterpiece.

What is a great movie? What makes a movie successful? Well, it is not easy to choose a few films among thousands. However, we have tried our best to give you a list of the top movies you must watch:

1. Avatar:

When the movie was about to release, people were talking negatively about the visual effects. Once it released, they dropped their mouth open after watching it for the first time. Avatar was a movie that pushed the modern cinematic technology to the new age. The Avatar is a cross-species love story that gives a social message too. Avatar is a must watch a movie that not only entertains you but also impresses you with the technology and effects used in it to make it a great film.

  1. Mr. And Mrs. Smith:

If you are a fan of Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie, then you must watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It is an exciting story of a couple who marry each other. What makes the film even more enjoyable is that they do not know that they work for each other’s rival network.

  1. The Dark Knight:

Watch the fantastic movie The Dark Knight that changes the world of superhero movies. Indeed Hollywood has many great producers and directors who are giving the great films to the audience. Producer Robert Simonds Partners with China’s Hony Capital as they are keen to make more and more incredible movies.

  1. The Godfather:

You may have heard about one of the great movies of Hollywood “The Godfather.” If you have not watched The Godfather movie, then you should make a plan immediately to enjoy this masterpiece.

  1. Fight Club:

The talented lead cast makes this film even more interesting. It is the story of an insomniac worker who wants to change his life.

  1. Inception:

It is the story of a thief who has stolen the corporate secrets using a dream sharing technology. You should watch this movie because it is the mixture of science and fiction.

  1. Star Wars:

If you have an interest in the space, then you should watch the Star Wars. It is a space opera film.

  1. The Matrix:

The science fiction action film The Matrix is also a must seen film. The effects and the story do not let you press the stop button.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean:

The pirate of the Caribbean is a great mixture of comedy, drama, and action so you must watch it.

  1. Back To The Future:

A time travel movie with the great characters does not let you lose your interest in the movie.

Watch Hindi Serials Online To Get Rid Of Boredom

If you are a serial lover but do not what to see, then there are the chances to get bored. When you have nothing to do and are getting bored then watch Hindi Serials Online. As a matter of fact, there are numerous Hindi serials on air these days. Though you have to wait long to watch the end of the show but still the dramas are entertaining. So what are you waiting for watch your favorite actors playing your favorite characters? Let’s discuss some of the serials that being liked by the viewers.

Zindagi Ki Mehak:

This is the drama that revolves around the lives of Shureya Khanna who is a rich businessman. Mehak is a middle-class girl who is passionate about cooking. She participates in a cooking competition where she meets with Shureya, but it was not a happy meet at all. Shureya does not like middle-class attitude so behaves rudely with Mehak. Thus both do not like each other. The story progresses after many incidents showing their hate for each other.

Later, Shureya exposes Mehak’s fiancé, and both come close. When they realize their feelings for each other, they confess. But things become worst due to the class difference. Shureya hardly convinces Mehak as she refuses to marry him. But finally he succeeds, and on the wedding day, Shureya goes missing. Later, Shureya’s negative side revealed. The show is still on air and story is progressing with many turns ad twists.


It is a story of Maya and Arjun’s love. Arjun is a photographer and works in Maya’s company. Maya is a psycho girl due to her past. Arjun has a childhood friend Saanjh who loves him secretly. Maya falls in love with Arjun during work on an assignment. Now she has to marry him at any cost. This is the story how Maya’s love for Arjun turns into the obsession and what she does to get his love. Her behavior troubles others especially Saanjh many times.

Woh Apna Sa:

This is the story of a man Aditya and his selfish wife, Nisha. They have a troubled marriage due to the Nisha’s behavior. They have children, but they are not happy in their married life. Both have married just for the sake of their families. Later, Jhanvi enters the show who becomes Aditya’s friend. She comes to know about the unhappy life of Aditya and helps him to get out of it. But when Nisha comes to know about Jhanvi’s concern she decides not to leave Aditya at any cost. She tries to hurt and rape Jhanvi by sending goons, but fortunately, Aditya saves her.

Jhanvi has fallen in love with Aditya. It seems that Aditya also has feelings for Jhanvi, but he has not confessed yet. The show is still on air, and we hope that he will confess his love soon in the show.

If you have missed the episode of your favorite serial, then do not worry. You can watch Hindi Serials Online.